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The workbook is a companion blog to my website A place where I bring together my ideas, inspirations, projects and collaborations.

Being an artist for me is more than just being a painter. It is about how I experience the world around me. I love to create - whether that be painting, illustrating, cooking , gardening or design. I am inspired by so much of what surrounds me that sometimes its hard to choose which creative direction to take.

I have been working as an artist for some years now and about a year ago I realised that I wasn't exploring my ideas as much as I wanted to due to either deadlines or personal pressures.

Caught up in creating work for either a group show or solo exhibition had left little time for reflection. I am curious to see how I can change this and redefine what it means for me to be an artist. Although I have a physical work book where I sketch and make notes, having a digital platform has given me a new space to document both my ideas and work as it progresses.

Creating this blog felt like a natural step for me as I have a 12 year background in computer graphics. I am comfortable with this medium and look forward to reconnecting with it as I grow this blog and my website. Below you can read more about my thoughts as an artist and what has motivated me to create this space. If you want to see a wider selection of my work head over to

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