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Flour part 2.

Welcome to the second part of 'Flour'. I have finally been able to get back to this painting after five dedicated months of working towards a solo show. This second part focus's on adding colour and composition - basically bringing the painting to life.

I wanted to start with the skin tones first to bring some warmth into the painting.

Once I established a palette for her skin tone and hair I could then look towards the elements needed to add to her story.

I have mentioned before that I have loose

impression in my mind of how I want the painting to look but this is as much based on a 'feeling' or a mixed bag of ideas. These ideas settle as the painting progresses.

Even though our kitchen wasn't finished I brought the painting in and propped it up against the wall so I could see her in the right environment. I then grabbed all 'my props' and placed them around the base of the painting. I won't use all of these but I was really just trying to see what might work...there was a lot of squinting through half lids trying to see without seeing ...if that makes sense!

I also like to lay down the canvas and put objects on it...and again stand back and squint...

Below you can see where I have placed a wooden spoon - so far the only object of all my squinting that made the first cut. Next steps will be building up the hands and fabrics. You can see that I have worked on the hands a bit - I will post a detail soon as the hands are definitely the most challenging part of the figure.